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Scopes and Benefits

The points listed-below will give you a fair idea of all the tremendous scope and benefits of the pioneering, IFERP-organized conference on Blockchain Technology.
Highly edifying interactive sessions including Q&A sessions, debates, panel discussions, interviews with renowned industry experts and high-profile researchers in the field of blockchain technology, will offer participants a clear understanding of how professionals in this field think, approach problems, find solutions, and carry themselves.
Incredibly enlightening presentations, keynote speeches, lectures and talks on all basic, advanced and obscure blockchain concepts and ideas, will be delivered by highly reputed professionals from diverse sectors of blockchain academia and industry. These presentations and lectures will help participants form a basic understanding of exactly what blockchain technology is all about.
Detailed case studies from across the globe will offer participants an in-depth perspective on all the various applications of blockchain technology, being put to use all over the planet. This will help them realize the tremendous potential and significance of the technology.
Presenters will go into detail about the various challenges and roadblocks that are impeding the progress and advancement of the field of blockchain technology. Getting to know what these challenges are will offer researchers ideas for potential research topics that they can explore in future projects and ventures. Conducting research into these topics and finding feasible solutions to these impediments to progress, is guaranteed to earn them the respect of blockchain professionals from all across the world.
The various social events that have been planned as part of this conference will give participants to network with like-minded peers, interact with domain experts whom they look up to and draw inspiration from. By doing so they can hope to form close professional partnerships with such people. These partnerships will stand them in good stead later on, by giving rise to numerous opportunities to collaborate and elevate their careers.

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