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In view of the fact that there the lack of professionals within sufficient knowledge on advanced blockchain concepts and technologies will be a major challenge to the progress, development, and advancement of the field in just a few years time, the organizing committee at IFERP which is in charge of conducting this conference on Blockchain Technology, has decided upon the following theme - 'Bridging The Divide Between The Lack of Outlets for Obtaining In-Depth Expertise on Blockchain Concepts & The Present Lack of Sufficient Talent Necessary for This Field to Advance Further'.
The topics of discussion for all the lectures, presentations, Q&A sessions, debates, panel discussions, and other events, that have been planned as part of this conference, will be focussed around the above-mentioned theme. This conference aims to cement the basic platform of understanding on essential blockchain concepts and ideas for those who will be in attendance. This initial platform will give them a clear understanding of -
  • what blockchain technology is all about,
  • how it is set to shape the world,
  • why it is set to become an incredibly lucrative field for professionals with relevant expertise, in the future,
  • what they can do to cement themselves as experts within this field, etc.
The primary objective of this conference is to put participants on the right track towards becoming world-renowned blockchain experts and specialists, in whatever subdomain they fancy. By doing so, this conference hopes to ensure that challenges such as the -
  • dearth in sufficient talent in the field of blockchain technology, and
  • the increasing demand for professionals with relevant expertise,
will be met and the field will be well on its way to further advancement and development.

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